@MISSING: app.General FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Is there a free trial available? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Even better. You get a full featured free Starter plan with no expiration date to test complete functionality of CoworkingNext. It is ideal for new coworking spaces with few members and as they grow, they can upgrade to a higher plan. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.How can I upgrade my plan? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.You can upgrade to a higher plan anytime to accommodate more members in your coworking space(s) from billing section after logging in. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Can I setup/manage more than one coworking spaces? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.All plans except Starter plan includes unlimited coworking spaces which means you can setup and manage as many coworking spaces as you like. You can switch between spaces from your dashboard. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.What does unlimited drop-ins mean? How is that different from members specified in the plans? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Drop-ins include the users that are not regular at your coworking space. As an example, you can create daily passes where users can use your coworking space for a day. Such users do not count toward your plan and only those users who are on monthly plans count toward your member plan limit. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Do I need to provide my credit card details to sign up? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.No. You do not need to provide credit card details on signup. By default, new users get access to Starter plan and they need to make payment only when they upgrade to a higher plan. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Do I need to sign a long term contract to use CoworkingNext? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.No. All plans are monthly plans and you can cancel anytime if you do not wish to continue. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.How can I subscribe to a paid plan for CoworkingNext? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Currently we accept payments via Paypal which accepts payments via credit/debit cards or using the Paypal account directly, if available. You can also pay via bank transfer in case your country doesn't support Paypal. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Accepting Payments FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.What payment methods can I use to accept payments from my coworking members? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.You can accept payments via Paypal and offline methods, e.g. bank transfer. We are in process of adding more payment methods (Stripe and PayU). FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Does CoworkingNext charge a fee on each payment transaction? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.No. We do not charge anything other than your plan fee, if applicable. However all payment gateways do charge a transaction fee. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Can CoworkingNext handle taxes in my country? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Yes. It is easy to define and apply applicable tax. You can also create multiple tax types and name them as per your country requirements, e.g. VAT. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Which currencies does CoworkingNext support? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.CoworkingNext currently supports Paypal. See the list of supported currencies @MISSING: app.here FOR LANGUAGE en-US @. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Miscellaneous FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Can I run CoworkingNext on my own domain, e.g. manage.mycoworking.com? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Yes. All paid plans include custom domain feature which means you can point your domain to your unique space URL on coworkingnext.com. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @ @MISSING: app.To make your custom domain work with CoworkingNext, you need to create a CNAME record for your domain as shown below. In first field, provide the domain name that you would like to use to access the portal. In the second field, provide your unique space URL on CoworkingNext. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.I am interested in CoworkingNext but it does not support a payment gateway I use. Can you include my payment gateway? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Please @MISSING: app.contact us FOR LANGUAGE en-US @ and share details of the payment gateway. We will try to integrate it in CoworkingNext at the earliest possible. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Can you customize CoworkingNext to meet my specific requirements? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.CoworkingNext is a SaaS solution served from the cloud hence same set of features are available to all our customers. However if a feature can be beneficial for everyone then we can certainly look into it and if feasible, we can integrate it in our solution so it is available to everyone. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.I want to run CoworkingNext on-premise. Is it possible? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.We may consider on-premise installation of CoworkingNext depending on your requirements. Please @MISSING: app.contact us FOR LANGUAGE en-US @ if you are interested in knowing more. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @