@MISSING: app.All You Need FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Key Features FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Every feature is designed keeping YOU in mind. And we haven't stopped yet. We keep releasing features every now and then based on customer feedback. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Best in class coworking management features FOR LANGUAGE en-US @
@MISSING: app.Invoicing & Payment FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.CoworkingNext generates invoices for individual members and teams automatically. Members can pay the invoices online via Credit/Debit Cards or Paypal. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Resource Bookings FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Create any kind of shared resources, e.g. meeting rooms, and let the coworking members book them online. You can also charge a fee for bookings, if needed. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Member Directory FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Let your coworking members find out who their fellow coworkers are. CoworkingNext creates a simple directory where members can find the members and teams. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Events & Activities FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Make your coworking more social by organzing events and activities. Members can see the upcoming and past events in calendar and you can also send them email notifications. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Marketing Website FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.When you subscribe to CoworkingNext, we create a personalized front-end portal for your coworking space where you can display the space amenities, plans and image gallery. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Calendar FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.You and your coworking members will have access to a shared calendar where all can see resource bookings and events. Resources can be booked directly from calendar as well. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Would you like to schedule a demo? FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Why Choose Us FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Packed with powerful features and highly secure infrastructure, you can't go wrong when you choose CoworkingNext FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Multi-Lingual FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Works in your language and we keep adding support for new languages. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Highly Secure FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Your data is safely stored in secure Linode cloud infrastructure. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Mobile Compatible FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Works equally great on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Daily Backups FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Daily backups of your data for complete peace of mind. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.Why you should choose CoworkingNext over competitors FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

@MISSING: app.We had been using spreadsheets to manage operations and recently switched to CoworkingNext platform. Moving to CoworkingNext was probably the best decisions I made as life has become so simpler now. Managing members onboarding, invoicing and resource bookings is so easy with CoworkingNext. Absolutely loving it and will highly recommend it. FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

WorkWings coworking uses CoworkingNext
Rahul Narang
@MISSING: app.Owner FOR LANGUAGE en-US @, WorkWings

@MISSING: app.The best thing about CoworkingNext is that it freed up so much of my time and now I am able to focus more on the community building activities at Unboxed without worrying about day to day operations. I can't imagine how I even managed without CoworkingNext for so long. Huge thumbs up! FOR LANGUAGE en-US @

Unboxed coworking uses CoworkingNext