Member Management

Powerful and intuitive features to make managing members easy.


Requires just a few clicks to add/invite a new members to your coworking.


You can easily setup teams/companies and add members under a team or as individual.


All your coworking members listed in one place to encourage interaction.

Spaces Management

Irrespective of how many spaces you have, managing them cannot get any easier.

Multiple Spaces

Have more than one coworking spaces? No problem! You can manage all of them at one place each having its own member portal with unique URL.

Space Portal

We create a portal with a unique URL for your space automatically using plans, image gallery and facilities/amenities information.

Custom Domain

All paid plans support custom domain support so you can access your space portal using your own domain, e.g.

Billing & Payments

Fully automated invoicing and online payments for complete peace of mind.

Automated Invoicing

Based on your plans and members information, we generate monthly invoices automatically for your coworking space members.

Online Payments

You can accept payments online from your members directly by configuring your payment gateway. As of now, we support Paypal.

Custom Invoice Number

You can specify a prefix for invoices of a particular spaces which will be added to all invoices of that space. Useful when you have multiple spaces.

Resources Management

Manage your resources efficiently. No spreadsheets please!

Resource Types

Create as many different type of resources as you like, e.g. meeting rooms, sports equipments or anything else.

Paid Resources

You can make the resources paid and specify the duration and price at which they will be charged, e.g. 30 mins access to meeting room at $10 USD.

Easy Bookings

Members can book resources easily from booking section under their account or directly from the space calendar after checking availability.

Plans Management

Setting up member plans couldn't have been more flexbile and easier!

Customizable Member Plans

You can create unlimited highly customizable plans by hour, day, week or month. Add deposit/signup fees, limit seats and much more.

Paid Add-ons

Create and associate any number of paid add-ons like lockers with the plans. Create various plan combination using add-ons.

Post-signup Information

For each plan, you can specify information that will be sent to members post-signup. Include information like rules, wifi access or even contract document.


Did you think that was all? Well, there's more.


Integrate the tools you already use with CoworkingNext using our integration interface. To know more, check integrations.


CoworkingNext is muti-lingual and currently supports English, German, French and Spanish. We are adding support for more languages rapidly.


Define any number of taxes, as applicable, in your country. Invoices will take all active taxes in account for calculating the total.

Events Management

Conduct events and activities in your coworking and invite your members. Events are visible in shared calendar and you can even create repeat events.


Create coupons to provide discount to members on bookings of paid resources, e.g. 20% discount in December on all resource bookings?

Forever Free

Did we mention that we offer a 100% forever free plan for new and smaller coworking spaces having up to 10 members? Check plans.

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